Top 15+ Authentic Vietnamese Gifts for Memorable Gifting

Discover the top 15+ authentic Vietnamese gifts for memorable gifting. Explore unique Vietnam gift ideas, from traditional Vietnamese gifts to modern treasures. Perfect gifts from Vietnam await to impress and delight your loved ones.

Our guide on the top 15+ authentic Vietnamese gifts for memorable gifting has you covered! From traditional Vietnamese New Year gifts to thoughtful Vietnamese birthday gift ideas, discover unique gifts for Vietnamese people that will leave a lasting impression. Dive in to explore these exceptional Vietnamese birthday gifts and more!

Red Envelopes (Lì Xì) – Traditional Vietnamese gifts 

During Tết, it's customary to give red envelopes containing money to children and elderly as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the coming year. This is one of the most common traditional Vietnamese New Year gifts.

A time-honored traditional Vietnamese New Year gift, red envelopes symbolize luck and prosperity. These are often decorated with wishes of longevity, happiness, and health. The amount of money inside should be even and new, as it represents the ushering in of fresh, positive energy for the recipient.

During Tết, red envelopes filled with crisp new bills are given to express luck and prosperity. The amount of money should be even numbered and avoid using the number four, as it is considered bad luck. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good fortune and happiness.


Fruit Baskets

A basket of fresh, exotic fruits can be an excellent Vietnam gift, symbolizing life and fertility. During Tết, certain fruits are considered particularly auspicious, such as custard apples (mãng cầu), coconuts (dừa), papayas (đu đủ), and mangoes (xoài), which together sound like "cầu vừa đủ xài" in Vietnamese, meaning "wishing for enough to use" – a metaphor for a wish of prosperity.

In Vietnam, a fruit basket is more than just a collection of delicious items; it's an ensemble of wishes. Each fruit is carefully selected for its symbolic meaning. For instance, pomelos are associated with prosperity, while bananas represent unity. These baskets are not only a visual treat but also embody the giver's heartfelt wishes for abundance and good fortune.

A fruit basket, particularly one containing five types of fruit (Ngũ Quả), is a traditional Vietnamese gift symbolizing the five elements of earth. These baskets are carefully selected to create a harmonious blend of colors and tastes, each fruit adding its own meaning and energy to the gift.


Mut Tet (Candied Fruits)

Mut Tet is a traditional Vietnamese gift on Tet, including a tray of colorful candied fruits that's traditionally served to guests during the New Year. Giving a box of these sweets is a way of wishing the recipient a sweet and prosperous year ahead.

Vietnam gifts like Mut Tet are bite-sized colorful candied or dried fruits that can include lotus seeds, coconut, or ginger. The sweetness of these treats is metaphorical for a year filled with joy and happiness. They are usually presented in a beautifully decorated box or traditional lacquered wooden trays.

Mut Tet are not only treats but also décor during Tết. Each type of candied fruit carries its own significance: coconut for togetherness, lotus seeds for fertility, and ginger for health. These are often presented in a beautiful, ornate box or on a multi-tiered tray.


Vietnamese Tea

Tea is not only a local Vietnam gift, but also a part of Vietnam's social fabric. Giving high-quality green tea or lotus tea is not just giving a drink, it's an invitation to enjoy and share a moment of serenity.

A gift of Vietnamese tea like the aromatic Lotus Tea, jasmine tea, or the strong-flavored Trà Shan Tuyết (Snow Mountain tea) is a gesture of warmth and friendship. This is a meaningful gift from Vietnam to foreign friends. Often, these teas come in ornate packaging, with loose leaves carefully selected for their quality and aroma.

Gifting tea is symbolic of sharing a calm moment in the midst of life's storms. Premium teas such as Shan Tuyet, a rare snow tea from ancient trees in the northern mountains, are particularly esteemed.


Bánh Chưng and Bánh Tét

During Tet, the most common Vietnam gifts are Banh Chung and Banh Tet. These traditional rice cakes are essential during Tết. They are made from glutinous rice, mung bean, and pork, wrapped in banana leaves. They symbolize the Earth (Bánh Chưng is square) and the Sky (Bánh Tét is cylindrical).

These traditional cakes are central to the celebration of Tết and represent the earth and heaven, showing respect for nature and the ancestors. Made with precise ingredients and methods passed down through generations, they carry the essence of Vietnamese tradition.

Bánh Chưng and Bánh Tét are traditional Vietnamese New Year Gifts to Tết celebrations. They are not only a treat but also a tribute to ancestors. Making and gifting these is a time-honored tradition, with the preparation process being a bonding activity in itself.



Offering incense sticks is a thoughtful Vietnam gift that carries a spiritual meaning. They are used to honor ancestors and bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the home.

Incense sticks are deeply rooted in Vietnamese spirituality. Gifting high-quality incense made from natural ingredients such as agarwood or sandalwood reflects a wish for spiritual peace and ancestral blessings.

High-quality incense sticks, often made from agarwood, are a luxurious Vietnam gift for those who value spirituality and meditation. The incense's aroma is believed to purify the home and uplift the soul.

Handmade Soap

Handcrafted soap using local ingredients like coconut oil, rice bran oil, and essential oils from flowers like jasmine or lotus can be a beautiful and practical Vietnam gift.

Locally sourced and crafted with traditional methods, these soaps often contain ingredients unique to Vietnam, like rice milk or green tea. They can come in hand-painted boxes or wrapped in silk, emphasizing the luxurious and personal touch of the gift.

Vietnam gifts like natural handmade soaps, incorporating local ingredients like lemongrass, cinnamon, or green tea, provide a touch of everyday luxury and care for the recipient’s well-being.


Traditional Vietnamese Paintings

Gifts from Vietnam for foreign people are usually traditional Vietnamese paintings. Artworks that depict rural landscapes, historical figures, or daily life can be a meaningful gift that adds a touch of Vietnamese soul to any home.

These paintings, such as those from the famous Dong Ho village, use natural materials and dyes. Each painting tells a story or depicts a wish, such as prosperity, education, or health, and serves as a Vietnam gift that carries a message.

Traditional paintings, such as those from the Dong Ho village, made using natural materials and depicting folk stories, bring a piece of Vietnamese culture into the home. These traditional Vietnamese gifts are often chosen based on the story they tell and the wishes they convey.


Embroidered Art

Embroidered Arts are one of the meaningful gifts for Vietnamese people. Highly intricate and detailed, these artworks can take weeks or months to complete and often depict scenes from Vietnamese legends or landscapes.

Vietnam gifts like Vietnamese embroidery is an exquisite craft, and giving an item like a hand-embroidered picture of the Vietnamese countryside or a legendary tale is akin to giving a piece of wearable art. These items can range from clothing to decorative tapestries and are often treasured as heirlooms

Embroidery from areas like Hue is renowned. A gift of a hand-embroidered artwork, possibly featuring a traditional Vietnamese scene, is a gift of time, as each piece can represent weeks of meticulous craftsmanship.


Jewelry with Vietnamese Motifs

Jewelry is one of the most luxurious Vietnamese gifts. Jewelry pieces that feature symbols like the lotus, dragon, or phoenix are not just decorative; they carry meanings of purity, power, and renewal.

Choosing jewelry that incorporates symbols of Vietnamese culture, such as the lotus or the eight trigrams, shows not only an appreciation for the beauty of the design but also a deep respect for the cultural significance behind these motifs.

Vietnam gift ideas like gold jewelry engraved with Vietnamese symbols like the lotus or the eight trigrams reflects both the giver’s taste and a wish for the recipient’s prosperity and good fortune.


Pottery from Bat Trang

Pottery is one of the most common Vietnam gifts for special occasions. Gifting a piece of Bat Trang pottery, whether it's a vase, dish, or decorative item, is giving a piece of Vietnam's rich artisanal heritage.

Known for its quality and beauty, Bat Trang pottery makes for an excellent Vietnam gift. These items are practical yet steeped in culture and can range from elegant tea sets to beautifully glazed vases, each bearing the unique touch of its maker.

Pottery from the Bat Trang village, especially custom-made items, can be good Vietnamese birthday gift ideas. A finely crafted teapot or a set of dishes is often used during family gatherings, symbolizing unity and tradition.


Ao Dai for Children

Common Vietnamese gifts are Áo Dài. Áo Dài for kids is a popular gift for Tết, symbolizing new growth and the passage of tradition to the younger generation.

Gifting an Áo Dài to children is a celebration of Vietnamese identity and heritage. It encourages the younger generation to take pride in their cultural dress, and during Tết, it is especially significant as it represents new beginnings.

Children’s Áo Dài, especially made from silk and in bright colors, are popular traditional Vietnamese gifts during Tết. They represent the passing down of traditions and the nurturing of Vietnamese identity.


Handcrafted Wooden Toys

Toys made of wood, such as spinning tops and figurines, are traditional Vietnamese gifts that promote creativity and connect children with cultural crafts.

Traditional Vietnamese wooden toys are not only fun but also serve as a cultural education. Vietnam gifts like water puppets or handcrafted boats are popular, encouraging play and storytelling.

Toys such as traditional string puppets or wooden blocks carved with Vietnamese characters encourage play and learning. They are gifts that reflect a desire for the child's growth and education.


Calligraphy Works

Receiving a beautiful piece of calligraphy, especially with a word or phrase that has personal significance, is considered a very thoughtful Vietnam gift.

Gifting calligraphy, especially during Tết when calligraphers set up stalls and write on demand, is both personal and auspicious. The recipient often chooses the word, which the calligrapher then renders into a work of art.

Receiving a calligraphic piece, especially if it's a word or phrase that resonates with the recipient’s current life stage, is both a personal and decorative Vietnam gift. It’s not uncommon for individuals to have their names written in calligraphy as a form of personal art.


Book of Poems or Literature

Classic Vietnamese literature or a book of poetry can be a profound and intellectual Vietnam gift, showing respect for the recipient's cultural interests and education.

A carefully selected book of Vietnamese poems or stories conveys respect for the recipient's intellect and interest in Vietnamese literary traditions. It can be a classic work by revered poets like Nguyễn Du or modern anthologies celebrating Vietnam's rich cultural tapestry.

Gifting literature, whether a collection of poems by famed Vietnamese poet Nguyễn Du or a modern novel, is a way of sharing the rich literary heritage of Vietnam and showing intellectual esteem for the recipient.


Health Supplements

It is common to give gifts for Vietnamese people that convey wishes for good health. Quality ginseng or bird's nest soup are popular choices for elders.

In Vietnam, health is considered the greatest wealth. High-end supplements such as bird's nest or ginseng are gifted with the intention of wishing health and longevity. They are often beautifully packaged to reflect their esteemed value and benevolent purpose.

Health is highly valued, and so giving Vietnam gifts like ginseng, bird's nest, or other traditional health supplements, particularly to elders, is a way of showing care for their longevity and well-being.


Seasonal Clothing

Seasonal clothes are meaningful Vietnamese birthday gifts. Gifting clothes suitable for the upcoming season is a practical and thoughtful gesture, showing care for the recipient's comfort.

Quality garments that align with the seasons are thoughtful Vietnam gifts. A light silk scarf for the spring.

Seasonal clothing, often made from natural fibers such as silk or cotton, can be both practical and symbolic. For example, a light silk scarf for summer can represent a wish for the recipient to have a cool and comfortable season.


Housewarming Plants

Plants like bamboo or kumquat trees are popular Vietnam gifts for housewarming occasions, representing growth and prosperity.

Plants that are easy to care for and that symbolize growth, such as the lucky bamboo or a flowering peach branch, are customary housewarming gifts. These Vietnam gifts convey wishes for the household to thrive.

 Wine or Liquor

For some occasions, a bottle of good wine or traditional Vietnamese liquor is an appropriate Vietnam gift, symbolizing wishes for celebration and good times.

For celebratory events, premium wines or traditional liquors such as ruou nep (rice wine) or ruou thuoc (medicinal wine) are gifted to toast to health and success. The choice of beverage can reflect the depth of the relationship and the celebration's significance.



Good quality cookware, like a ceramic pho bowl or a cast iron pot, can be a great Vietnam gift idea, especially for newlyweds or new homeowners.

High-quality cookware reflects a wish for the recipient to enjoy many happy meals with family and friends. Items like a traditional stone mortar and pestle or a set of bamboo steamers for making dim sum are both practical and culturally meaningful.


When choosing  Vietnam gifts, consider the recipient's personal tastes and lifestyle to ensure the gift is not only culturally appropriate but also appreciated on a personal level. The key in Vietnamese gift-giving is to convey your heartfelt wishes for the recipient's happiness, prosperity, and good health. With these detailed Vietnam gift ideas, you’re now equipped to select a gift that will be treasured and remembered, embodying the true spirit of Vietnamese generosity and culture.


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