3+ Wholesale Home Decor Companies in Vietnam You Should Know

For businesses looking to source unique and competitively priced home decor items, Vietnam offers a plethora of options. In this article, we introduce you to top 3+ leading wholesale home decor companies in Vietnam: Dan Tra Rattan Bamboo Furniture, Pho Xinh, Nha Xinh,... These companies are renowned for their exquisite designs, superior quality, and exceptional customer service. Discover why they are the top choices for importers worldwide and how you can benefit from partnering with them.

Why home décor is important?

As society develops, many people pay more attention to beautifying their living space, so decor products are increasingly popular. Depending on the homeowner's preferences and the design of each house, each person can renew their home in a modern or classic, gentle or impressive direction... with decor products. In the past, customers liked to decorate their homes in a luxurious and modern way, but today the vintage (classical) decoration style is popular with everyone.

Home decoration not only makes your home more beautiful and luxurious, but it is important that it gives your interior space an airy and spacious feel. You can completely imagine that, if you do not decorate your home, it will be difficult to have a beautiful and airy living space with furniture that does not match the space or the area. Besides, not choosing the interior design of your home space will be very confusing and will not maximize the space or usable area.

3+ home decor wholesale in Vietnam

1. Dan Tra rattan and bamboo manufacturer

When mentioning the list of top furniture stores in Vietnam, Dan Tra rattan and bamboo manufacturer certainly cannot be ignored. As one of the pioneering furniture companies in rattan and bamboo in Vietnam, the name Dan Tra has become very familiar to those who love this familiar natural material. Products from Dan Tra Bamboo and Rattan are guaranteed in quality, harmonious design and present a modern, convenient beauty.

Rusticity, simplicity, retaining the quintessential beauty of Vietnamese countryside but no less luxurious are the outstanding features that people envision about rattan, bamboo decor and furniture. The trend of bamboo, rattan decor and furniture is very popular and is sought after by many people. The advantage of the products at Dan Tra Bamboo and Rattan is the uniqueness and diversity in designs from traditional natural rattan and bamboo items to designs that bring innovation, novelty and uniqueness. Thanks to that, customers will have more choices to decorate their homes. Coming to Dantra.com.vn's store or website, you will be overwhelmed with the number of different bamboo and rattan decorative products and accessories, suitable for each space such as living room, bedroom, children's room,...

In particular, in order to bring standardization and perfection to each space, Dan Tra rattan and bamboo manufacturer products are always concerned by artisans with style, convenience and product size suitable for each space. So when you choose to buy at Dan Tra, you can be completely assured of product quality

2. Pho Xinh Furniture Company

Another brand for you to choose from is Pho Xinh furniture. Coming to Pho Xinh, you will experience and feel real products as well as suggestions for arranging modern spaces, following the latest trends. Hoang Nam Group's furniture centers under the Pho Xinh brand are present in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, and are about to open in Thanh Hoa and Nghe An.

Hoang Nam Group distributes luxury products from Europe with famous art furniture lines. Although focusing on high-end customers, Pho Xinh also cares about other customers. The company always launches new products, updates trends, and prices to meet the needs of all market segments. In the high-end line are products from Italian, French, German, and American brands. In the near future, Pho Xinh will begin implementing interior packages with prices ranging from 60 million to 150 million VND. Meanwhile, the target customers are townhouse owners.

Expanding the customer base means that Pho Xinh will have to face more competitors, but this direction will help the Company have more customers, helping more people have access to a comfortable, private living space. special.

3. Nha Xinh Furniture Company

Established in 1999, Nha Xinh's products are highly appreciated by consumers for their aesthetics and quality. With the slogan "Home of the sophisticated person", the unit's designs are diverse in design, influenced by many European and American styles with modern, space-saving lines. Furniture products target many family groups. A long process of exploration and inspiration, Nha Xinh has designed and produced trendy and unique interior products, combined with a careful selection of decorative items to create Harmonious, sophisticated and luxurious living space. Nha Xinh Furniture is the choice of Sophisticated people.

The strength and difference of Nha Xinh is that more than 70% of products are designed and manufactured in Vietnam according to international standards, very suitable for Asian style and life. The products displayed at Nha Xinh store are arranged according to living space, full of comfort through the clever combination of wooden furniture and decorative items such as artistic flowers, clocks, picture frames, candles,... giving customers closeness and ease of choice. In addition, Nha Xinh also supports free design consulting services, helping customers find products suitable for their homes and preferences. This is also considered a strength of this brand.

5 criteria for choosing a reputable furniture store

1. Product diversity

The richness in types and designs will be a plus point of the furniture store, helping customers to easily choose and buy their favorite products that suit their space, preferences and needs. Not only is it easy to choose, this is also a criterion for you to evaluate the store's business scale.

2. Customer reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most important criteria that you need to consider before deciding to buy products at any store. Reviews from previous customers not only help you know whether the company is reputable or not, but also help you make more stringent purchasing criteria. Good store reviews on the brand's website, Facebook, or e-commerce platform will help you feel more comfortable and secure in your purchasing choices.

3. Factory

A furniture business unit with a direct factory will bring unique designs that are stylish and most suitable for the appearance of the homeowner's home. Not only that, the products are manufactured directly at the factory, not through any other intermediaries, so you can be completely assured about the quality, price and after-sale warranty of the shop.

4. Warranty Policy

It is an important and long-lasting product, so when choosing to buy any product, the warranty policy is also one of the criteria that you cannot ignore. Usually products from reputable furniture stores will have a product warranty period of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months to ensure customers can have complete peace of mind while using the product.

5. There are many branches

This is also one of the criteria to help you evaluate the reputation, professionalism and brand of the furniture store. A system of stores and showrooms helps customers come and directly experience services and products. From there, make a decision to buy the right product. In addition, the system of fanpages and websites also helps customers easily search and choose to buy many products from the store.

Hopefully the above list of reputable and professional furniture stores in Vietnam will help you choose a place to place your trust and money. Hope you choose to buy a product that best suits your home.

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