Top 5+ Vietnamese Rattan and Bamboo Companies Exporting to the US

The US is a large export market, but it is also a difficult market, requiring many strict and complex regulations. Refer to Top 5+ Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US below.

Although according to statistics, the value of Vietnam's rattan and bamboo exports is on the decline compared to previous years. However, this is still considered a key product in the export group of Vietnamese agricultural products with great potential. With diverse and rich bamboo resources with hundreds of species, Vietnam has become one of the largest bamboo and rattan exporting countries in the world along with the Philippines and China.

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Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

The main export markets of Vietnamese bamboo and rattan products are the US, EU, Japan, Korea, Canada and Australia. Bamboo and rattan products not only bring cultural value but also contribute to the national economy through export to countries around the world. The US is a large export market, but it is also a difficult market, requiring many strict and complex regulations. If Vietnamese businesses in the bamboo and rattan furniture industry are quick to respond, proactively inform, find advantages to exploit, take advantage of opportunities to rise, dominate market share, increase competitiveness, and meet customer needs. standards, needs and increased export capabilities, we will better grasp opportunities. Refer to Top 5+ Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US below.

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Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

Top 5+ Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

1. Dan Tra bamboo and rattan export company - Bao Loc, Lam Dong

Dan Tra is the leading manufacturer of bamboo rattan in Vietnam, providing quality and unique bamboo rattan products. With many years of experience, Dan Tra is proud to be a reliable partner of domestic and foreign customers. Dan Tra not only provides a variety of products such as tables, chairs, beds, and rattan lamps but still ensures quality by quality control inspection. The products are manufactured by skilled workers, guaranteed to be beautiful and durable.

With the goal of becoming a top bamboo and rattan export company, Dan Tra Bamboo and Rattan Craft Village constantly strives to improve, upgrade and change designs to meet the diverse needs of customers. Dan Tra has exported products to many countries such as the US, Europe, Japan and Korea by exporting through the Amazon sales channel. Therefore, with an export transmission system that requires many import and distribution intermediaries, exporting through Amazon brings many benefits to businesses.

To grow stronger, Dan Tra is paying more attention to improving workers' skills, constantly innovating, and actively seeking to expand export markets to ensure jobs and keep the industry. traditional crafts for Vietnamese culture.

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Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

2. Ngoc Dong Bamboo and Rattan Export Company - Ha Nam

The main export products of Ngoc Dong Bamboo and Rattan Export Company are handicraft products, interior decoration made of bamboo, rattan, sedge, etc. It can be said that Ngoc Dong is a famous place. Especially with Bach Giang rattan products, by massaging the rattan fibers linked with the rattan rods, it creates products with a very solid structure that does not change in all different weather conditions like baskets. , suitcases, trays, plates.

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Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

Different from other rattan and bamboo businesses, Ngoc Dong Bamboo and Rattan Export Co., Ltd. produces bamboo and rattan in a closed cycle from the first to the final stage of the product: vocational training, raw material supply, Purchasing, products complete transformation mode and directly exported to importers or to supermarkets. The company currently has a "bank" with hundreds of thousands of product samples, of which 99% of products are for export. Products are exported to more than 30 countries, mainly America, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Turkey, Brazil, etc.

Customers are large importers & retailers such as: Target, BBB, T-J-X, Nitori, Ikea, Carrefour, Tchibo, OBI, Testco, Le Biscuit, Fallabella, etc. Products meet ISO 9001:2008 standards with sales Business revenue 3 - 4 million dollars/year.

3. The BamBoo Company Exported Products  – Hanoi

The BamBoo is a rattan and bamboo furniture factory in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and exporting bamboo products such as chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, baskets, crates, storage boxes, wall paintings, and decorations. , children's toys, and many other products. Since its establishment, The BamBoo has quickly become one of the famous brands in the bamboo and rattan industry in Vietnam and around the world. With a team of skilled workers and many years of production experience, The BamBoo is committed to providing high quality rattan and bamboo products at affordable prices.

The BamBoo's products are exported to many different markets around the world such as Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, etc. With a variety of designs, styles, sizes and materials, The BamBoo products meet the needs of many different customers.

In addition, The BamBoo is also committed to producing rattan and bamboo products according to customers' requests in large quantities. With the motto "top quality, prestige and responsibility", The BamBoo hopes to cooperate with many partners around the world to develop and create beautiful and quality rattan and bamboo products.

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Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

4. MinhMy Furniture

Originating from a handicraft industry model of the long-standing traditional handicraft industry of the Vietnamese people, MinhMy Furniture was established specializing in the design - prototyping and production of handicraft products made from banana leaves, water hyacinth and rattan.

Established in 2000, their office and showroom are located in Ho Chi Minh City, while the factory is located in Phu Yen province. MinhMy Furniture specializes in bamboo and rattan products such as baskets, trays, magazine racks, tables, chairs and some other furniture products. The handicraft products produced and supplied by MinhMy Furniture bring the traditional beauty of Vietnamese culture, promote the artistry and uniqueness of each product, and blend the delicate, modern European, highly applicable and commercial, meeting all customer requirements.

The bamboo and rattan production process at MinhMy Furniture is a process from selecting rattan and bamboo materials, pre-processing and processing the materials, splitting them into small fibers and weaving them into diverse rattan and bamboo products. This requires meticulousness, technique and careful spirit to create beautiful, high-quality bamboo and rattan products. A highlight at MinhMy that not everywhere has is its attractive sales policy with the desire to bring a lot of value to customers. MinhMy Furniture always takes product quality and after-sales service as its guiding principles. Furthermore, the staff at MinhMy are well-trained and ready to help solve all problems and find the most optimal solution for customers.

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Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

5. Au Co Rattan and Bamboo Leaves Export - Quang Nam

With main products including: Rattan baskets of all kinds, rattan trays, round jars, clothes chests, fruit baskets, rattan tables and chairs, interior decoration items... produced according to orders from customers. America, Europe, Korea, Japan and restaurants and hotels in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hoi An; The enterprise's products increase rapidly each year. In just the past 5 years, Au Co Rattan and Bamboo Leaf Export Enterprise has produced nearly 1,800,000 products, of which 75% are exported, the rest are consumed in the domestic market.

In addition to the export market, Au Co Bamboo and Rattan Export also focuses on the domestic market, products are sold in many stores and some supermarkets in the country. In the context of increasingly scarce raw materials, in order to develop sustainable production and business, outside the available raw material areas, the Enterprise boldly invested billions of VND to plant hundreds of hectares of rattan material.

In its business development strategy, Au Co Cooperative will focus on promoting and expanding consumer markets to affirm the brand of Au Co Bamboo and Rattan Export Enterprise in Nui Thanh, Quang Nam with domestic markets. domestic and international

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Vietnam bamboo companies Exported Products to the US

Bamboo and rattan making has become a highly valuable craft and is exported to many countries. Currently, there are many Vietnamese companies bringing traditional bamboo and rattan products to friends around the world. However, this quantity is only a small amount, so it is hoped that Vietnamese rattan and bamboo companies can improve their traditional bamboo and rattan production processes to export to different markets. around the world, bringing economic value and contributing to the development of Vietnam's bamboo and rattan industry.

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